Velourtex Custom Fit Floor Mats



Velourtex custom carpet floor mats use a special computer-controlled cutting system that employs AutoCAD software. This yields a custom fit for each vehicle. Our fitted car mats in most cases cover a larger floor area to maximize protection.

Velourtex car carpet mats are made of durable nylon yarn. There is 22 oz. per yard of continuous filament yarn, yielding mats up to twice the weight of similar factory products, yet they look and feel much the same. These high-quality automobile car mats are designed to stay in place and keep your ride protected.

Each mat is held in place by a non-skid TractionBac™ layer and factory-compatible safety anchors or our proprietary mat hooks. A moisture-resistant backing is integrated as well and adds stability to Velourtex custom car mats. Our front floor mats for cars also have a woven binding, yielding a high-quality low-profile finish with a carpet face texture that is very similar to original factory products.